Experienced Business Law, Real Estate, Estate Planning, Probate, & Litigation Attorney

Attorney Stephen Shepard combines strong litigation experience with comprehensive knowledge of California state law to provide effective representation in any matter regarding business litigation, real estate litigation, probate court battles and/or estate planning.

Business Law & Litigation

Business Lawyer | Huntington Beach | Stephen Shepard Attorney at LawBusiness law encompasses everything from basic contract disputes to complex litigation, including breaches of contract, class action suits, employment disputes, business dissolutions, shareholder issues, partnership disputes, debt collection, franchise issues, and a number of others. These disputes often involve shareholders, employers, employees, partners, and competing companies. We work with businesses in their formation and throughout the life of the business by providing contract creation and enforcement, and more.

Real Estate Litigation

Real Estate Lawyer | Huntington Beach | Stephen Shepard Attorney at LawReal estate disputes commonly involve purchases, nondisclosure agreements and/or actions for specific performance for the purposes of forcing the seller to complete the transaction. Real estate litigation also involves contract disputes similar to those encountered in business litigation. It is critical to work with a knowledgeable real estate lawyer in these matters. We represent landlords in unlawful detainers for residential or commercial properties. We can also help with issues involving quiet titles, trespassing, encroachment, nuisance complaints, and other disputes.

Estate Planning

Estate Planning Attorney | Huntington Beach | Stephen Shepard Attorney at LawIt’s important to employ the services of a qualified, experienced estate planning attorney when preparing for the future of your legacy. Even though many people understand the importance of estate planning, many simply fail to plan ahead. Not being prepared can have devastating consequences on the life you’ve built, as well as for those you’ve left behind. We ensure that your wishes are followed by helping to prepare wills, trusts, living trusts, powers of attorney, medical directives, and more.

Probate Court Representation

Probate Lawyer | Huntington Beach | Stephen Shepard Attorney at LawWhether a person dies with or without a will, probate is the formal process by which property is transferred and affairs are sorted. When a will is contested, it is imperative that you consult an experienced probate attorney. Contact us for a consultation regarding any facet of the probate process. Working without knowledgeable counsel can prolong what is already a lengthy endeavor.

Retain a Litigator with a Reputation for Success

Stephen Shepard Attorney at Law has nearly 30 years of experience. He simply won’t back down to any courtroom challenge, whether you are the plaintiff or defendant. Clients know him as a lawyer on which they can count when things seem impossible, such as contesting a will, handling the probate process in a time of grief, ugly disputes between partners, and complex title issues.

Stephen Shepard Attorney at Law represents families throughout Huntington Beach in cases involving business lawreal estate lawestate planning, and probate litigation. Contact our office today at (714) 372-2228 to meet with an attorney who can solve your complicated legal problems.